San Francisco, California
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I received a pair of shoes that I had ordered online and the box looked like it had been crushed in a trash compactor and then a raccoon tried to chew it open. It was compressed like an accordion, the packing tape was coming off and the bottom lid of the box was completely open.

The shipping box was so badly damaged that the shoe box inside of the shipping box was also totally crushed and had a big hole torn into it. Luckily the shoes look ok. What the heck UPS??!!?!??!!?? *&#^!&#%@!!!!

Be gentle! They're shoes for goodness sake!

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They always use the excuse of improperly packed blah blah. Of course im just not very fond of ups because recently a convicted felon with a current outstanding warrant for other matters stole a package from outside my door.

It was a replacement phone i had ordered. This clown actually came around later trying to sell me my own phone he stole. Its legal here so i recorded the entire conversation. He admitted he stole it but he thought it was someone elses.

Yeah like that makes the stealing part ok. The head cow at my local post office refused to investigate and file charges.


We paid a 220.00 fee to have to boxes each 42 lbs shipped from Puerto Rico to Florida.

My belongings were mangeled tangled and a water bottle from an employee was found in one of them, telling me they went thru our stuff. I will not ship with them again.

My boxes also looked like they went thru a compactor. And on top of that the driver was a rude SOB :( :cry :eek :x


exactly what the first poster said


There was absolutely NO packaging in the box, aside from the shoe box, right?

Yeah, exactly.

Here's the thing, the shipping process is not like Wonkas chocolate factory with orange dwarfs handling the millions of packages that move daily.

Packages move through a series of sorting facilities, running on conveyor belts, traveling down chutes etc.

When a package weighing up to 150# comes into contact with your improperly packed box, it will crush, much like your pictures show. Zappos and Amazon know this but figure the damage rate is suffiently low that the money they save on packaging costs more than makes up for the few damaged goods that occur.