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So I tried to complain to a UPS supervisor that a driver repeatedly has sex in his truck on his route behind my store, Im in a strip mall. They asked for the truck number, I gave it and his name-Brian Beauvais.

They said they'd look into it. A month later he was still meeting the same woman, in the same place, same time. I called again, they said they didn't observe that behavior when they did their ride along. What?!?

Obviously he isnt going to do that with the boss sitting along the side of him. He is no longer our driver, he has a new route, probably needed some new meat.

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Macomb, Michigan, United States #764190

Obviously this writer has no idea how UPS works. Not saying he is lying, but sure does not sound right.

First, UPS would probably not send a supervisor in the truck with the driver. It would have someone follow the truck or be at the "alledged" site and observe the driver. Second, the new route may be at the request of the falsely accused driver that UPS honored to avoid any further defamation of the driver or UPS. Also, the routes are time-managed and drop offs are electronically date and timed stamped.

I wonder how the driver would explain any time losses. Maybe it was his lunch and that is how he chose to spend it.

Be careful when giving out someone's name if you don't have the facts or are "surmising" what is going on.


What business is it of yours if the driver is having sex in the back of his truck? If he gets a little action on his lunch break how does that affect you? You sound like a jealous troublemaker.


very funny but from the other side of the fence I worked for a distribution company in the UK and use to meet the mangeress at one of the stores I delivered to in a large mall ... yep my truck use to be rockin ...

great days .... funny too i was promoted lol


ever consider just joining them

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #229784

this is hilarious, was the truck rockin? or were you peeking in the window?

just seems silly to me to do the "deed" in the company truck in a strip mall parking lot in broad daylight. i really want to hear how this ends


LOL! I can't defend this one!

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