UPS Management are corrupt and liars.They lie to there employees and stab them in the back.

They make promises to employees just to get what they want. All they care about is getting the almighty dollar. They take advantage of there pt-time employees since they are the lowest paid. A personal conversation with a High up manager was not kept confidentical.

The people you don't do there job get praised and the honest people who do there job get the bad end of the stick. They rehire employees after they have been fired several times for harassment. Management change numbers to make them look better than than really are. Safety is not the upmost concern.

They work employees when they are injuried or try and talk to them out of going to the doctors to avoid an injury.These comments came actully from recent employees that were employed by UPS and some that are still employed.

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I was promised by my manager that he was going to cash me out after I left.What that means if I have personal days, sick days, and a vacation he'd pay me.

When I called him a week after I left the company he said I didn't have any days. Kind of funny since I have one week vacation left, four personal days, and one floater holiday. At this point I have been out of the company for four weeks( I am extremely happy to have left this corrupt company) and still haven't been paid. They also treat Veterans like machines and try to take advantage of us by putting us in the heaviest loads.

I didn't realize this until a peer pointed it out. Management was very abusive and embarrassed employees upfront of other employees. Everything was a out their numbers and the new *** delivering system Orion. Most of the drivers, the ones far away from retiring are miserable.

It would suck the life out of me. Safety is bull ***, they want their numbers. Corporate had a meeting on his to fix the company. I told them about how their training needs to change In Island city NY.

It's only gotten worse.

I'm not throwing anyone's names out there, but unless this company changes its ways, corporate opens they pen pushing eyes, gets rid of Orion.I can see a lot of people leaving.

to Anonymous #1032221

Conclusion to my story, HR said I'm only getting paid 3 days.So I got 3 out of 4 OPH(Personal days), lost a weeks worth of vacation, and lost my holiday pay.

My DM is a lying piece of garbage. I still haven't received my check for those three days. I worked out of the farmingville building. For all veterans like me, go to college, don't waste your time with UPS.

I'm trying to get my friends to quit.I'm looking for jobs, so they can leave.

New York, New York, United States #898777

Tony gallo is as criminal, he needs to go to jail.Ex DM from island park hub in maspeth ny.

Total piece of ***.This company gets away with murder.

New York, New York, United States #898550

This company is the worst to work for, when you get hurt and report the injury the manager pretends you never told him, then you Dont get paid, then the case g err ts contested by a corrupt DM, then you fight for three years in a kangaroo workers comp court only to lose due to corruption.Even my comp rep was in on it, fired him, filed complaints with supreme court appellate division, wasted two more years , gave them tons of proof, but yet was givin a b u l l s h i t decision on that too.

Management even went on to threaten my witness so he wouldn't help me in court, and my shop steward. The whole system is corrupt.

*** UPS !This is a true story, please dont delete.


I've been a package driver for 25 years.I provide the best possible service for my customers and always will because I care about them.

When I first started working at UPS it was unlike any other company I've ever been associated with. It was about team work; management and union working together to do something great. Some of my superiors I would have run through a wall for because I liked working for them so much. When the company went public, all of this changed.

Now it's about maximizing profit at all costs. People do not matter, only making money does. Most UPS upper management employees have sold their moral fiber for a buck. They view their employees as a piece of equipment; all with a big smile.

What's worse, is that the Teamsters in which I pay to represent me, is only reactive and never proactive on issues of company abuse. To me, they are just as bad. It's all a big joke! As an employee who wishes to retire at UPS, I will continue to play the game of doing what I am told and not becoming a nuisance employee, but I have no respect for UPS management as human beings.

They are greedy, phonies.

to Greedy Brown #971399


I went to work at UPS in 2000 just after they went public.Even though I worked in IT, I saw how nasty and greedy they could be.

The amount of unpaid/uncompensated overtime that I worked was astronomical.

I hated every day.I vested out in 2005 and have never looked back.

Brooklyn, New York, United States #862717


On 8/26/2014, I was totally disrespected by the delivery person and my medical equipment was returned because the delivery person refused to bring my package to my apartment on the 3rd floor to get the required signature.He rang my bell, told me to come downstairs to get my package, I told him that I could not go downstairs..that he must bring it up as he is required to do.

He wanted to throw the package in the hallway so he tried to get a tenant in the building to sign for it, but I told the tenant not to sign because I could not get downstairs to get it and someone would steal it. The delivery was very nasty, rude, used profanity and told me that he would return my package.

I called UPS and they assured me that they would get the package out to me..that the return to sender was intercepted..but, my package was returned and UPS never contacted me, as they had promised.I am making it known to every person, place that I can...folks need to know about their trashy service


We have been a UPS customer for almost 20 years.We have always had a stellar payment history and relationship with UPS.

In Dec of 2013, unknown to our company, UPS apparently did not receive a payment of $ 114.01 from two invoices at end of year. NO ONE ever mentioned anything to us even though we continued to make our regular invoice payments in Jan, Feb, and Mar of 2014. If we were trying to stiff them, why would we continue to make each and every payment thereafter. They cannot see the trees for the forest.

We did receive a call from a distant land with a seemingly fraud-like voice saying we owed UPS money from Dec 2013. Obviously, we considered this call a scam since we had always made our payments. No one ever called or visited domestically even though in missed payment would have been an obvious anomaly in our account. Now, I will advise that the subsequent invoices that we were continuing to get and pay each week did state an outstanding balance, but because we pay things weekly, they are always passing in the mail - at least for the last 20 years.

One day our worldship notified us that we did not have weekly pickup.

We thought this odd (remember, we are unaware of any issue). I call UPS and they inform me that our account is suspended. Once we go back and look that the check from 90 days ago never cleared our bank, we put two and two together and got four. But UPS cannot count because they could not put two and two...

I tried to explain to UPS and had a copy of the check that was mailed to them on Dec 30 2013 and gently asks that we be put back on active status and just send me copies of the invoices and we would pay (once again) and all would be good. Took them over a week just to get me the invoices and after we paid - some three weeks later, we were still suspended (????). Turns out that someone finally tells us (not before) that we needed to make a deposit of four times the original invoice to get back in good standing ???? WHAT ??

Not only is this ludricous, but we never knew about this either. Today, they have "decided" to waive the deposit but gave us grave warning that next time the deposit will be required. Have not told them, but there will not be a next time because next time they accuse us of thievery, we will not be their customer. Another tragedy is when you need to speak to someone, they have farmed out their CS overseas.

When I search for one hour to try to talk to an American, I was appalled at the cavalier and wicked posture taken against me on the phone by some female in management. When they went public, they ceased to be a company that served their customers.

Soon, they will replace their hardworking employees with temps and by 2022, UPS will crumble upon itself due to their blatant disrespect for their bread and butter.NOW is the time for a new company to come in and start picking up the pieces.

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Corpus Christi, Texas, United States #744556

I also can't stand UPS but I do not work there!I work for a pediatrician and we get our vaccines shipped through them.

I don't know how many times these *** delivery drivers have either delivered to wrong office are say they could not locate our office! These drivers are lazy and always in hurry!

It *** me off they do not care at all about theirs and our children receiving these vaccines!!Learn how to read and stop being so *** lazy!!

to hateups4 Atlanta, Georgia, United States #813521

Missing your office probably because they sent the driver out blind, they make mistakes because the route is foreign to them.Also, address labels are confusing when it comes to office plazas and such.

And how can they be lazy AND in a hurry?

That makes no sense. They actually do have to hurry though, because they are given a curfew to get back to the hub.

Hating UPS is fine. They are a horrible company that does not care about their customers or employees.

But don't take it out on the drivers.The conditions that they deal with, the quotas, their bosses and other customers, they have enough to deal with.

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