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i bought my first $450 DSLR camera and was extremely excited. it was to be delivered on Thursday.

my wonderful journey with with UPS starts with my package leaving NJ and not getting another scan for 66 hours, which isn't a big deal as it was still on time. then i learn about a will call request and ask customer service a question about it and in no way did i ask them to change the status of the package. after giving the lady (Anne S) my tracking number she informs me that she made the changes and i will be able to pick up my package. i had heard that it takes an extra day to do so, i asked if i would still get it by Thursday and didn't get a reply for a while so i called and they said i could get it on Wednesday because it was in my town on MONDAY!!!

so that's great. now i get an email back from Anne S saying i can pick it up on Thursday and that she has made the changes (once again assuming!). At this point i start to *** at her for constantly assuming when and how i want my package and this time i do not get an email back but instead my package that once said withheld for pickup now says will be delivered. i have never been treated so poorly by any business EVER.

if any smaller company had customer service like this then they wouldn't be in business long.

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