Tampa, Florida
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UPS made unauthorized charges to my credit card. When we contacted them they said that the shipper number was input incorrectly so they charged the wrong account.

Now, they have my money and said it will be 3 to 5 business days to get it back! They can take money--from the wrong account!--in seconds, but cannot return it for days...

We live on a very small income so what may not be much to them is a great deal of money to us!

So, WE have to pay for THEIR mistake! We will never use UPS for anything again; not that they care because they are too big to care about small business customers!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Account.

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Maybe someone else tryed to have you pay or there was a mix up on info when someone else paid for something,either credit card number or account number. Either way they did the best they could to fix it should they have drove to your house and gave you cash..... I'm sure you have never made a mistake...


But I was not returning anything! THEY made unuauthorized charges--tht is NOT the same thing as me returning something to a store.


UPS can do the refund right away and it takes the bank 3-5 business days to put it into your account. It is the same way when you do a return to a store.. so when complaining it's not just UPS it's all refunds (in most cases)

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