Below is the letter I just sent off to UPS about their so called service after I had had three discussions over live chat regarding one package. It is out for final delivery today, and I know it won't be left at the delivery location. I only hope that the request to hold the package actually happens, but I don't have much faith.

To whom it may concern:

I have had the worst time trying to find a way to contact you without jumping through hoops. This email is in regards to package number ******************. I would just like to let you know that you are the worst shipping service I have ever used. I was given an address for a person to ship an item to. I used three different carriers to send items to this person, and yours was the only carrier I have ever had a problem with.

The first issue came when your service claimed I had put in the wrong address. The funny thing is, both the USPS and FedEx were able to find and deliver to the address just fine. I must have had a valid address if they were able to find it. Why couldn't you? The second issue is that the driver refused to leave the package at the delivery location. I inquired through your online chat system whether he could just leave the package there and if notices were being left. The first question was never answered and the second question was met with a yes. So apparently notice was left, however, when I asked my recipient about notices, he said he never got one. Who am I to believe here? The guy who wants his package or the incompetent company that can't seem to find his address? I even requested that the driver just leave the package there, and I was told it was "driver's discretion" and that would not be happening despite the fact that no signature was required.

So now we are on our third delivery attempt. I contacted your live chat service to make sure that if the package was not received, it would be held at the nearest UPS location. I was given the answer that the package would be delivered today. I had to fight to ensure that the package would be held at the UPS location. How insane is that? I should not have to fight you to get a package held. I was once again blamed for not providing the correct address (fixed two chats ago and also the address that I was provided) and that was used as a method to try to avoid filing a formal complaint and avoid providing me proper service.

If you couldn't tell from above or skipped to the last paragraph before pushing the delete button on this message, I just want you to know that the above has made me angry. I have lost all faith in your system. I will avoid your company at all costs, and I will be spreading the word about this. My friends, my family and the internet at large will know about this.

Thanks for at least opening this before it gets deleted.

[My Name]

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