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Today they said my package was delivered to the front door at 7pm so I went outside literally 5 minutes later and nothing was there! This has happened on multiple occasions and only with UPS.

I have lost hundreds of dollars over the years from UPS not just letting management know they can't find an address. I would happily pick it up from UPS if I know there is a problem. I've filed claims that never get paid and are ignored.

I have to rely on Amazon to be gracious enough to do a redelivery and I am extremely thankful to them, otherwise I would be out of luck. This is a huge discouragement to even shop online.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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You don't lose money if a package gets stolen off of your porch or misdelivered. You get a refund, it's a guaranteed service. Just have to call Amazon or whoever and report it.

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