I work for ups in cerritos ca, and let me tell you working for this company is so *** you would think that a billion dollar company would pay their workers more most of of the employers there are not even there for a check but there for a opportunity to have a career that take 6-10 years they screw over good workers they over load you with so much work that its soo clear thats its unsafe and safe is what they preach all they care about is things getting done fast they dont care if you do it sloppy long as your done and the drivers or out to work and then turn around and try and fire you for a messd up job.. think Bout it UPS is always hireing not cause the work is hard they but you in 8 houres of work but want you to be done in 3 houres about 150 A WEEK THATS LIKE 5.50 a houre SMH their is so much about ups the world should know about but you will only know if you ever work there and when you doo then you get to talking to your workers about it I promise first thing they say is welcome to ups lol

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