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I ordered two different products from two different companies, and it just so happened that they would be arriving via UPS on the same day. Yesterday (September 4, 2008).

So I waited around... I needed to have at least my school text book which I paid over 75 dollars to get in two days.

I go out to eat, and come home and there is nothing on my door. I check the status online, and it said it was delivered to the front office and a woman by the name of WENDY had checked it in.

I go to the office, only to find that they had no record of the package (they keep track of the tracking number). AND there was no such person as WENDY at the office.

I know that my address and such was correct. And I've used UPS before and no problems occurred then.

I cannot talk to a single person to SAVE MY LIFE.


Monetary Loss: $80.

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This happened to me. I have had packages sent to me at this same address for over 20 yrs. On 12/29/09 they stated 2 packages were delivered. Unfortunately I waited until the first week of January to call these 2 different companies. I was surprised to find out that they were delivered on the same day. After numerous calls to ups & the companies (& e-mails) UPS put a tracking on them. Never found. Well, one of the companies refiled but UPS took it as another package lost, even when it showed up that it was the same tracking number used. My problem is that they now refuse to deliver anything to me anymore. The customer service rep. stated because of the dollar amount & 3 were filed. I explained that my neighbor directly across the street calls me if anyone besides a mail service comes to my door & I checked with them & they said they didn't remember anyone else besides the mail person & UPS. So I have several other items expected & I won't be able to get them at my address & UPS is a long ways from my home. If it had only been 1 package delivered & one form sent in from a company this would not happen.

UPS is going overboard - I'm 99.9% sure these packages were delivered to the wrong address. Last time UPS called they asked if I filed a police report & I explained no & that no one told me to & that I was sure they were not stolen as it would have been in the daylight & I live on a busy street as far as cars go but rarely are there people walking down the street.

My complaint is that they won't take in to consideration that this was a one time problem in over 20 yrs. so now companies that only use UPS I can no longer order from. I am going to write a complaint to their headquarters & see what happens.

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