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I order a pair of boots off eBay deliver by UPS. UPS lied and said postal services deliver it to my address.

Call you UPS and they told me they can't refund or replace package since it was turn over to the postal services.

Postal services is blaming UPS. I paid for a product UPS was responsible fo

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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That’s interesting! My daughter is having the exact same issue.

However, when I personally called UPS and requested proof of delivery to the post office, the customer service representative told me to contact the sender and hung up. That’s unacceptable on so many levels. What’s the chances of numerous customers saying the same thing.

If UPS was smart, they would investigate. Dollars do add up, especially when the little people stop using their service.


Packages not delivered properly by the post office seems to be rather common. You need to contact the sender and request a replacement or a refund if you didn't use a credit card. If you did the smart thing and used a credit card and do not receive an adequate response from the sender, just dispute the charge as "product not received." This is why it is imperative you use a credit card for online purchases.


That’s great advice, but not fair to the merchant that sent out the products in good faith and paid UPS to deliver to their customers. When UPS is immune to consequences, the door to theft is wide open.

They have technology that tracks the package and they should do their job and investigate. I work hard and so should they.