Toronto, Ontario
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I paid $ 47.17 to ship a $ 1,500 article and they LOST it; even with tracking numbers. I suspect it was stolen by their employee(s). Not insured; why would I pay $ 150 to insure something that I entrust to a company to not lose it? That's criminal. I will never use them again and I caution you avoid UPS . The store refers you to the 800 number (call centre in India) & they in turn refer you to the store. There is no feedback and they don't give a ***. There is no accountability anywhere in the chain.

This is a very badly run company. Avoid them like the plague. Check out You tube to see how their employees handle the packages; these are our valuables and they treat them like garbage.

Avoid them like the plague.

In Canada.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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hey genius, i know you work for the gubment but try and follow along...

there is no way you can guess, yes guess, what the price would have been via the post office, there was no weight, size, or destination given. ground shipping via ups, especially canada to us or vis versa is almost always cheaper than the tools at the post office.

go back to milking the clock, knucklehead.

and bozo in toronto, next time you ship a package try covering it for the value it's worth, stop cheaping out. ups pays all lost parcel claims without any trouble.


well you could buy shipping, signature confirmation, tracking, and insurance for about $50 USPS why didn't you ship with them?