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I dropped off my return package at a UPS drop off box about three weeks ago and turns out UPS lost it. No evidence of them picking it up.

And Farfetch wont issue a refund because they think I didnt actually drop it off or something (such *** customer service ugh) .....i contacted them about a week after dropping it off because I didnt see an update on the tracking thing. usually high end online stores are good about customer service and Im surprised farfetch's response was sorry you dont get a refund because we have no proof you dropped it off.

how can i get justice?? (It has 200 dollars worth of stuff in there and now its just gone :(

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i had similar issue but actually UPS came to pick up two boxes and now farfetch said they only received one and only refund me with one box! they said they are investigating but this is really rediculous!


please do let me know if they actually do give you a refund for the lost package.

they have god aweful customer service but I somehow managed to talk to someone in the global sth department and they reinvestigated it but they just ended up saying sorry no refund

bull shizzzz


there is no actual proof I dropped off the package in a drop off box... other than my boyfriend as my witness.

I gave up on this. neither UPS nor Farfetch is willing to take responsibility and I am just a powerless cutomer what can I do. But what pissed me off more than the fact that they didn't want to give me a refund was how rude they were about it.

I asked for a copy of what has been discussed with UPS and they just straight up ignored me and keep saying they cant give me a refund. ***


You say UPS lost your package right?Well did you check to see if any other package's where picked up on that particular day that you stated your package was lost?I am so sure that if you did drop off your package like you stated,Then there should have been more package's in the drop box other than your's.I have used UPS drop box on several different occasion's and UPS has never lost not one of my package's.You cannot get something,For nothing.Geez,The nerve of some people.Where is you Proof?


This is why when I worked returns for a major retailer we had the customer provide us with a return tracking number. If the carrier lost it we could atleast see the customer made the attempt and it wasn't their fault the item was lost.

We then gave them their money back and dealt with the carrier.

However, if you have no return tracking number there is no way for Farfetch to know you even attempted to return it. So sorry they aren't just willing to take you at your word and give up both the money and the merchandise.