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I'll be brief: two months ago we ordered a Nintendo Wii for my husband's birthday. The UPS tracking information said that the package was "left with man".

What man? Where the *** they left it? Noone was able to explain. By the time the investigation process was over the wii was no longer on sale.

We got the money back...eventually, but could not get a new item. Yesterday the same *** from UPS delivered a $100 pair of shoes to the wrong address. I mean, you'd expect UPS would hire someone who can read, no? I called them 5 times today and yesterday, the shipper called them twice, I was promised that the drive will go and retrieve the package first thing in the morning.

It's 7 pm, and still no news. I just checked the seller website and they no longer have these shoes in my size, so here's yet another excellent sale item that I have lost because of UPS.

Does anyone know if there's a way to make UPS pay for a: purchase of an identical item, even if it's more expensive than the one originally ordered. After all, it's their fault I didn't get the item to begin with b: make them pay for all the annoyance, two missed days of work and the hours wasted on the phone with their horrible customer service.

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Good thinking Hate UPS, except that you have to buy that insurance. If you could insure something for 100K, which you can't, it would cost you about $900 for the insurance alone.

I swear the people on this site are getting dumber every day.


Why dont we all start insuring our stuff for 100k every time we ship something? That will surely effect their finances as they lose things a lot....

Crescent, Oklahoma, United States #221772

Just an update: although I was promised multiple times that UPS will call back - nobody ever bothered to do so. When I finally got through to the local post office - I was told that the item is definitely lost, and they won't even bother looking for it, but they opened an investigation that will last up to 8 days.

That means that I have to wait for over a week to get another item shipped - too late anyways, since the item is no longer available through the seller. Tried to file a complaint with UPS - there's no way to do that on their website. They limit the e-mails that you can send them to 500 characters.Does anyone know what can be done in this situation. I'm seriously pissed off and would like to see the driver as well as the idiots who promised to call back and never did penalized!

I mean, that's just beyond basic human decency: you don't just throw other people's stuff away and never bother go retrieve it, and you shouldn't promise to call someone and never do. Outrageous!

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