UPS lost my package. I eagerly waited for my package, watching the delivery status.

china, hongkong, bubai, germany, uk. UPS in the UK lost the package. I can only assume how that package went missing. the price of the order was £400.

I will leave it to the people who read this to guess what really happened to that package, the item was purchased from the apple store. UPS have not just let themselves down but also have let down Apple.

Someone has advised me to notify the police. If it is the police or someone else who can help, all i know is, i definetly need help from someone.

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Birmingham, England, United Kingdom #943085

They collected my parcel and it vanish!! They send me no explanation that was is and now I have to pay £5000 to my client because I dint ensure so if you don't insure they help them selfs to your passel !!!!!!!

Ups and interpacel the worst company's ever .

I will police report this !!!!!


Barbara A

Birmingham uk


Uh yeah, UPS ships ten of thousands of packages a day and their staff has the time to look through every one of them to guess which ones have iPads or whatnot.

Did you try calling UPS and asking them to put a tracer on your package?

Call the company that shipped your Apple and let them know also.

After a couple of weeks, if UPS hasn't found your package again call your vendor and ask them to refund or reship. Then if you get no resolution call your credit card company. The way it looks to me you're not out anything. The person who is out is the shipper, that wasn't you.

Until you have received something, you owe nothing. So why the crying, accusing and jumping to conclusions?

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