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UPS lost my 74 year old mother's birthday presents and could care less. I sent a package to my mom for her birthday.

UPS said they delivered it but it's nowhere to be found. When I called them about it they not only didn't care but were indignant and told me it would be up to 8 days for them to investigate. Well 8 days later they admitted to losing the package and told me to send proof of everything in the box including pictures, receipts, etc, so I could receive my $100 insurance. Now I've had to buy the presents again and jump through hoops to eventually get the insurance money.

Some of the presents I can't replace. They were things I bought on vacation in the mountains. The value is a lot more than $100.

I learned my lesson and I will never ship UPS again. What a bunch of incompetent a**holes!

Monetary Loss: $180.

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the phrase you're looking for there is "couldn't care less." saying someone could care less means they do indeed care, at least somewhat.

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