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I placed an order for 42" TV, and I recieved an email from the company (shipper) than they shipped to via UPS on March 13th. I even have the tracking number. However UPS claims that they only recieved the billing information, and that they don't even have a package. (this was the information I recieved by UPS on Thursday evening, March 13.)

On the next day I called UPS and was told that they do have the package and I would recieve it the following Monday, March 17th. I called Monday morning to see if I could get a time frame. UPS told me that they dont have a package. I called the shipper and they told me that they have in fact sent it, and that they would place a tracer on the package. Well, right after I called the shipper (no more than 5 minutes after calling UPS) I called UPS again. This time I was told that they do in fact have package and I would have it in my home by the end of the day.

Well....6:00 p.m. came and still no T.V. I called UPS and they claim perhaps a problem with the barcade and that is propably why there isnt any information about it online or anywhere for that matter. The UPS agent advised me to wait until the next morning and call back, but she did in fact say "We do have your package, Ma'am).

This morning, March 18th, I called UPS. The agent told me that UPS dont not have the package and that the shipper hasn't done anything, never requested it to be sent. She told me that the problem lies with the shipper, not UPS. She told me I had to have the shipper request a tracer. I tol her that a tracer was placed on it 24 hours earlier, the agent seemed annoyed and said with a loud voice "There's no trace on this tracking number!". Every time I call UPS I'm told different stories, "we have it", "No, we don't have it".

I just dont understand how UPS can "misplace" a large package containing a 42" television. My opinion is that someone "misplaced" it into their home. I have a step brother who worked for UPS and he told me how easy it is to take packages. You just have to take them before they ever get scanned, that way there is no way to track it. Which is exactly what happened to my package, no way to track it.

Monetary Loss: $1299.

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I had a similar experence. I ordered a 32 inch tv from amazon.

The order shipped and i had a tracking number. The day the order was to be delivered nothing was. When i checked the package status late that evening it showed out for delivery status. I waited a few days with the same out for delivery status.

Then i changed on the ups website to have me pick it up at the sorting facility. After my request was confirmed the next day i went to the sorting facility to pick it up. I showed the worker my confirmation info and they went to find it. Then they came back and said i need to contact amazon because the lost my tv.

I asked the ups worker how this could happen and they said the adhesive ups label must have fallen off. So i called amazon and they were very helpful, got me a replacement with next day shipping. I asked the amazon rep does this happen often and they said yes. I think its strange how a sticker just falls off a tv box and is lost.

I think someone at ups stole the tv. At least amazon resolved my issue quickly, and i hope they will get reinbursed from ups.


I recently applied for a visa and had my passport sent to the local Consulate General to the next big city in my state. The package arrived to the destination just fine, but somehow was lost in the return.

Apparently, there is nothing UPS can do for me but tell me to wait to see if it will show up. Well my time plays out like this without my passport or working visa, I will lose my job. Is this they type of waiting they want me to do? Because with out my passport and visa I will have all the time in the world to wait around for UPS to find a solution.

I just don't understand how we as people put our trust in a corporation and they get completely careless, and never take responsibility in the resolution. I am so fed up because, I will lose my job, due to the fact that I put my trust in a shipping company. Not, only will they not find my passport with my working visa in it, I will have to go out my way to get another one at my own expense. All I can say is thanks a lot UPS, your company is a real class act in building trust.

If I had the power I would make sure the world would understand they type of careless work you do, and try my best to get your company closed down. Since you F'd me out of a job I would love to do the same for the working hands of this company.


ups sucks. They lose stuff all the time.

Then on top of them losing your package they are mean, theaving and *** like they don't know a thing about there job.

One would think if you spend 200 to have something shipped next day then they lose the package. I think they are a bunch of theft loveing monkeys.


if the problem hasnt been solved yet call the person who sent it out to you and they will have a signature on thier end of day saying ups picked it up if they have that then they will get full refund on the lost package and to the nunya that wrote back i have been doing this for about 8 yrs and yes you can ship a 42" tv standard ground depending on the way its made i just shipped a 52" flat screen to ca and it made it thier fine.


Kinda funny that UPS will not haul anything that big - nothing over a certain dimension or over 50 lbs - get your story straight before you slam a company - UPS may delay delivery and have problems but lies dont help solve anything