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I used to have an account with T-mobile , and on one of the lines I had an issue with the phone (Samsung galaxy s3) , requested a replacement.

The replacement was sent along with a return box and shipping label .

I followed the instructions and attached the shipping label on the box and dropped in a UPS drop box located at 2568 FRANCIS LEWIS BLVD ,FLUSHING,NY,11358.I felt that

the box got stuck and had to shake the box to ensure it drops down .This incident happened in first week of May 2013 .

However , after months of dropping the box , I get a call from T-mobile , that the shipment has not been returned . I called T-mobile , and after 5 failed attempts to

get T-Mobile to ask UPS to investigate the lost shipment , I gave up . Tmobile only opens a Handset research form , and only searches its own warehouse , never

contacts UPS . When asked if tmobile can provide me with a copy of communication between tmobile and ups , they declined .

I tried to contact UPS multiple times , and I was turned down by UPS stating that the shipping label is created by T-mobile , I am not authorized to open a claim on

that . After running round and round between T-Mobile and UPS , I had to file a complaint with BBB.

After a complain with BBB , UPS called me and said that they failed to find the box . There was no scan on the box , so no one can open any complain . However , after

a little search I have figured out that it is highly possible that is taken by the Driver , or UPS employee as the box was already marked as T-Mobile Return Shipment .

I have responded to BBB complain , and they rebutted the claim , saying this matter is closed (literally WTF ?)

Ups says there is no evidence that i have actually dropped the box.However , I do have multiple witness who i was with and the sales person working at a shipment shop

less then a block away who told me about the drop box . Unfortunately they dont accept UPS .I asked him if i could drop the package , he said they dont accept UPS , I

use this place as my regular shipping store , and he suggested me to drop the package in the drop box located in the next block .

I would also request T-Mobile , as I am sure T-Mobile keeps a record of IMIE numbers for the phone , to trace the old phone, and if it is in use , file a police

complaint as stolen . they never did that either.

The driver (I am supposing) is the only person to have the key to that drop box , therefore it must have been taken out by him .UPS Drivers are already known to be






It is shocking to see that soo many cases of lost cell phones have occurred with exactly the same story .

I am pretty sure the driver has picked it and never scanned it . As the box was marked by T-mobile as a T-mobile Return Equipment.

Monetary Loss: $837.

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same problems,same situation.


I ended up paying 535 for the *** phone , have never used ups for anything and moved from tmobiles *** service to verizon. All 6 lines and two tablets.

And i have changed phones 3 times , never had this issue ever. Tmobile could have easily traced the phone with its imei , but i believe they were also involved so they denied to do so Multiple time. Ups and tmobile are corporate scammers.

And they never assist the end customer , then try to get back with their pointless service just by slashing rates. They might get the money saving cheap customer , but never the customer who prefers quality.


I'm going through the same *** going to drop T-Mobile and not pay them for the phones


Why would some one steal a used return item? It sounds like you kept the phone and are trying to file claim.

Or else tmobile would be all over it. And like you said that tmobile or bbb wont do anything thats because they have a hard time believing your version of the story.


UPS employees don't steal broken phones. There are tens of thousands of those little white box returns a day.

The drop boxes are meant for Next Day Air letters, not boxes. It's quite possible that it didn't fall into the box and someone reached into the slot and stole it!!!

I work at a UPS Store and we get 10 of those a day, at our individual store! There's about 5,000 UPS Stores nationwide!

Of those, we get several complaints a month that they never got there, when they probably did.

T-Mobile loses those all the time. Either way, my point is, always drop off anything important to a UPS Store, authorized ship location or anywhere that you can get a receipt or some kind of proof that you shipped it off.