Sedona, Arizona
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Well this is day 12 and my package was last seen in PA. I shipped it from AZ.

The envelope have very important documents in it. I am very afraid of identity theft. I called the entire world it seems and spoke to many people but it seems they all have the exact same thing to say "I'm sorry I just can't answer that, because it is being investigated". Ok well I have been calling for 9 days and that's all I hear.

The customer service is horrible. I explained that the package had personal info in it, and no one care and I have not received one phone call from this huge corporation, just to say they're on it. Amazing! What a load of *** I also been told that the investigation is going to take an additional 10 days and then they will refund my money and insurance.

What kind of a price can you put on your identity? I am sick to my stomach! I feel as though they are just going to assume it's lost and in 10 days give me money.

I know what this is about, they have very few full time employees and probably have people floating in and out taking a package here and there cause who cares they won't be there in a few months anyway. Mark my words if this package is not found I will blog this company into a lawsuit.

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Ups= united parcel smashers


just fyi you're not going to get any insurance for documents. you'll get the refund for the shipping but thats it. documents aren't insurable.


Used 2 b a good company, now filled with a bunch of lazy overpaid crackheds.