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During October, I relocated from Mexico to the US. At the very last moment we realized we had too much luggage, and my wife (which yes, does trust anyone instantly and suspects of noone) decided to ship her luggage through UPS. For this, we went to a multi-service shop that ships from many different companies. These were 4 small boxes and one large box (which contained the briefcase). The quoted me the total and I paid. I wasn't aware insurance was to contracted (I thought that would be for expensive things that have a high replacement cost). The told me the package would arrive in about a week.

A week later, we were already in the US, and the packages were still far from our new home in Jersey City. Ten days into it, we were still without notice of the 5 packages. More days passed, and then 4 boxes arrived. The boxes were totally damaged, as if they had thrown them from a 5 story building, 10 times in a row: 90% of the items we sent on the smaller boxes, even though carefully protected and packaged, had to be thrown away. Yet, we mostly care for the luggage piece, as I found out that not only my wife cloths where there, but also our wedding rings and her youth photo album. Of course, she didn't have copies of scans of any of those photographs (naif, yes).

So we called UPS to find out what was happening, and they couldn't do anything about it. We called at least 20 times during the next 20 days, to no avail. They didn't know what happened to the box with luggage. They later told me I couldn't file for a complain, not even when the shippment made it clear that I was the Sender and Receiver of the packages: the original company that has an agreement with them had to make the complain. At that point, I lost all faith in UPS.

What happened then is that the shipper from Mexico issued a Claim, and they took like 3 weeks or so "to try to find the missing package". Then at some point, my wife received a PDF saying that they couldn't find it, and offering us the chance to include the value of each item along with a scanner copy of the invoices. Of course, I don't have the invoice for my wedding rings, but even if I had one, I'd want my original rings back, not money. This is very important to me. The photos are also irreplaceable.

What worried me most is that not even a person called me, and that they offered no reason at all for what migth have happened. They charged me close to $400 USD for the packages, they lost the important one close to Jersey City (where it should have been delivered) and delivered the other four completely broken/damaged.

I will try to get to their management to ask them to keep looking, but seeing how they didn't even let me file a Claim even though I was the one that paid, the sender and the recipient of the packages, is a great indicator of how little this company cares about their clients. Then the shop that sent the shipment forwarded us the Claim file (PackageInformation.pdf) which had the codes to file the claim. But when I try to place the claim (even though I obviously don't keep track of all the invoices for my wife's cloths nor wedding ring) it tells me (in spanish) that "We cannot process incidents this at this moment. Please try again later".

I tell this story to every person as a personal favor: avoid United Parcel Service (UPS) as much as you can. Refuse to buy anything shipped from UPS. It's in your best interest.

As a side comment, not all the reps were rude as some other commented. But those that were, behaved in an extremely unhelpful and even rude manner. At some points, one UPS guy at the phone appeared to be extremely pleased of not be able to do anything and to not care in the list...things like "What you are telling me makes perfect sense, but there is nothing we can do about this". I asked for a supervisor, and he left me on the phone for 20 minutes then the call was automatically disconnected. I got to "know" like 15 different people, and I say only 2 tried to help, 10 didn't care at all and 3 should have never been hired by any respectable company in the first place.

UPS shareholders, you will owe me this one forever and for generations. Not that I care that much, but I feel great telling everyone I meet my story when it makes sense. I am sure you already lost a few hundreds from lower income, and will keep spreading the word on any occasion where it makes sense.

Tracking number was: H8663603732


Monetary Loss: $4500.

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