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So much for doing what you promise to do. UPS said they delivered my 5 packages from Nordstrom and instead delivered NOTHING.

I can't believe that UPS could colossally screw something up so badly. I live in Southern CA... it was 80 on Christmas Eve and Day so don't blame it one the weather!! UPS lets be clear if you make a PROMISE to do something then you do it.

Nordstrom to their credit reissued all the items and shipping at NO COST but because of UPS they will arrive late. Sadly compared to Nordstrom's customer service.... UPS still sucks. UPS could not be bothered to pick up the phone to resolve the issue or to take my claim.

UPS aka Brown... go out of business PLEASE.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Another ups plant, just take the hit, you guys screwed up this year!


First of all I'm not a UPS employee. But from watching my UPS guy when he delivers my packages, he scans them before he leaves them on my doorstep.

Doing so signafies that the packages were delivered. Is it possible you weren't home on delivery day?

If you weren't, did you ever think that maybe someone, walking down the street, spotted them and stole them. UPS guys bust *** to deliver packages, they don't have time to wait by the door for someone who may or may not be home.

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