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UPS lost a 46 pound electric boat motor that supposedly was out for delivery for 2 days. Would not fess up.

Finally told me to contact seller (amazon) who called them. Amazon was told they lost it. How do you lose a 46 pound boat motor that supposedly on the truck!?!?!?!? Headed out tomorrow for boat trip with my daughter so will have to do without.

Of course it's nothing to UPS. Too big I guess. The frustrating thing (aside from losing the package) is they make it hard to even get a live person to talk to. And when you do, all they can do is spit back at you what the tracking info is (and they were not up to date on that).

Yet as soon as the seller called they fessed up that they lost it!!!! Really!!!

IS that the best you can do?? Why pay someone to sit on the phone if they arent going to be of any help???

Monetary Loss: $558.

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