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I had a baby tortoise shipped UPS Overnight from Las Vegas NV to New York. My sister had another package coming to the house that day too, so the idiots at UPS put the two packages together in plastic and flipped the tortoise box upside down!

There were two read arrows on each side of the box pointing up, the direction in which the box should have been keep in. It clearly said live animal on the box as well.

Luckily my little guy is doing fine, but he was stressed out enough from being shipped then to get turned upside down but some morons at the UPS center. *** you guys suck.

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Dumb %sses, people order live anemals from online all the time. Sears used to sell dogs via special order years ago.

if a box is clearly labled "Live anemal" Why in the %ell would you wrap it in plastic? The employees of UPs can say what ever the *ell they want. But UPs has terrible policies. I know as an employee you all want to feel like you are Gods gift to man but you are not.

Im glad the anemals are ok. I am sorry to the poseter that this happened. maybe someone should place a plastic bag over the UPS employees head to let them know what it is like. That was plain wrong.

I get items delivered by United dumb A%%es all the time. and it is not un common neither for them to walk to the door leave a door tag saying no one was home and run. Problem is, I have waited for them all day in side 3 feet from the door and they never knock or ring the door bell. I call and it is never the fault of UPS.

Although I did have a UPS driver ring the bell once and have a conversation with me about his boss being a B%%ch..

When reported, that complaint did get a response and the driver was never seen again by me. LOL Go figure!


you order animals online and have them shipped? what the @#$% is wrong with you?


If you really cared about that animal you wouldn't have bought one to be shipped, you would have found one locally (or done without).

No shipping company will guarantee a box doesn't turn over in transit.

Most of UPS' systems are automated, boxes get flipped.

The only thing done wrong is the driver should have placed the box 'right side up' and allowed you to continue deluding yourself.

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