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#1za21v920391652858. Instead of a wrong address email, the local branch sent it to any name they had in system.

I called to correct and Jennifer 1967632 called from a local branch and took the info. 2hrs later i received a "front door delivery" at the wrong address. Again I called and spoke with support and they said they wold contact the local office. The same employee called me back and in no way was i rude.

Before I could even explain the email when said in a very nasty manor "what, I'm returning your call for the second time. "like i told you before i took care of it" I am a supervisor" and a few other snide remarks. I commented on her customer service skills and she said "oh, I'm glad you told me me that, I'm glad you made me aware". I said I would expect a courteous email to clarify an address rather then just dropping to any address in the system.

She said "we don't do that".This by far is the worst experience as a customer i have ever experience ever.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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