Alviso, California

UPS was supposed to pick a package. It made first atempt without any prior notice and left a notice on the door saying they will make a second attempt next day.

My wife requested her boss to allow her to work from home the next day and stayed home the whole day. The guy doesn't show up. So we call UPS the same night again. UPS tells us they tried to make another(2nd) attempt(according to the system)!

There was not even a notice sticker on the door!! Then the guy comes next day without any prior notice and doesn't find anyone at home and this time leaves a notice sticker on the door. Now when we contact UPS says "well according the system we have made 3 atempts and you need to pay again. Both of us work,so can't stay home every day nor can we leave the package outside as its expensive.

Since this was a return package to Amazon, UPS will not even allow us to drop the package at any of their stores.

Its really frurstrating and hard to believe a company like UPS has this kind of low standard. I am taking this up with BBB as well...

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