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i had a parcel delivered from germany to london uk and missed the first delivery so, as i was out all day at work i asked for it to be delivered to my works address , 10 miles away ,

simple , you would think , 9 days later it still hasn't appeared , lies on the tracking information ,lies from the staff , many emails to " customer services " no replies to emails , managers refusing to talk or call back ,i demanded to speak with a manager at one point and i wasn't allowed to ! the rep wasn't even allowed to give me his name !, callbacks promised and never happen ,parcel sent from one depot to another ( for a joke i think, somebody playing a game ) ,useless waste of time calling customer services , in central europe ?

complaint sent to ups about mistreatment by ups staff , probably filed in the trash , haven't heard anything .

apparently they don't have a complaints department , probably because of the volume of complaints , they're ignorant ,incompetent people , what a useless company ! i continue to advertise them accordingly !

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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