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Came home last week to two boxes on my door! All packages are to be left at the apartment complex office.

Two were supposed to be signes for and one even said specifically "Sigmature REquired." Another box was left outside my unit thursday and received sun damage and warping of items. This box too was supposed to be signature required. UPS is blaming my management for bringing boxes to my door. I have checked with management and if they did it for me they would have to do it for everyone.

They said that all boxes signed for or not are supposed to be left at the office as management is liable for missing items.

UPS does not want to to take responsibility for this, and this is not the first time this has happened. UPS just says "it's your managment's fault."

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Well if you look the tracking numbers up at UPS.COM it will tell you who signed for them and/or where they were left.

So if someone from the office signed their to blame..

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