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UPS attempted delivery while I was at work and left a notice that they would be back the next day between 10:30 and 5 p.m. The next morning I took care of some errands before 10:30 so that I would be home in time to accept the package. When I got home at 10:20, I saw a note -- UPS had attempted delivery at 9:30!!! Why would you specify what time you're coming if you're going to come at a completely different time!? I could've been home at 9:30 if I had known to expect it then!

I called them to arrange some other form of delivery, because I can't keep taking days off work to see IF a package will come. They said I can pick it up at the UPS Center --- a WEEK FROM TODAY. There was just no way the driver could come back, ONE HOUR after he had made his untimely delivery attempt. I don't care about wasting the driver's time at this point. He is wasting MY time by lying to me about when I need to be home. It would serve him right if he had to work late to come back to give me my package.

When I called UPS, they did not even apologize. The guy just told me (rudely) that I could either stay home on monday or pick up my package a week later. Yeah, really convenient! Glad I'm paying for this great service, jackasses.

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UPS is a terrible way to ship. Fedex or even the postal service is a better alternative.

Here is a trick they pull with three day business shipping. My package was shipped Monday this week. Today, Friday, is the third business day as yesterday was T day. The are not working three day shipments today.

I asked if I could pick my package up at the main facility here in Nashville. It is closed. So, UPS is closed today with the excveption of a skeleton staff. These clowns have a terrible customer service approach.

I would not use them. in fact I use Fedex.

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