Fort Worth, Texas

I shipped a small one pound package early on a Saturday morning and was told it would arrive on Friday. It didn't arrive by then, of course.

Saturday came and still no package.

When I checked it with their tracking number I found out that it didn't even ship until Monday, and no other information was available. FedEx sends email updates on your package's progress. UPS tracking doesn't really track anything.

I'll use the Post Office before I use UPS again.

I would recommend that if you want a domestic delivery before two weeks passes, don't use UPS ground.

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Tracking number indicates package is out for delivery today, but estimated delivery is 2 days from now. Website doesn't include any sender information, and the ability to have the package held is grayed out.

UPS will tell you this is due to the sender's requirements, but that's not true at all.

On a previous package, we could have had the package held, but UPS simply didn't allow it. UPS tracking is worthless.


I am still trying to track down a package sent on 9/05/17. Today is 9/14/17.

I have been getting the same rubbish info for four days now that the package has been missorted. Is that even a word?

They will never give any possibly useful phone numbers out the 800 number is useless unless you want to spend hours of your time talking to some who has terrible English and has no idea of how to help you. Their lack of transparency is appalling and they are all layers.



A real scan is when your package actually is scanned by a scanner.

The scan he was referring to was a shipment scan

Packages were loaded onto a truck and the entire truck was scanned when it entered the facility, if your package didn't get on the truck it will still show up as scanned because the truck was scanned.


Guaranteed overnight delivery...shipped from Carlsbad Ca to Blacksburg Va. Supposed to be there this morning, Saturday.

Scan shows it's in Roanoke, 1 hour from delivery, but the guys in India can't seem to get a hold of anyone in Roanoke.

One guy actually told me that the scan wasn't a "physical scan". I asked him, "What was it, fantasy scan?" No answer.


fedex ships on saturdays, express only. used the service many times.


"Im am 100% possitive that some lowlife employee saw gold ring (itemized) & ran to the closed "we buy gold' store."

Why would the contents be itemized on the outside of the box? Is this package coming from overseas?


I have b een on the phone with UPS since Monday. They have a 'trace' on my husbands package that was never delivered to him.

I sent it 2 wks ago, was to be delivered last friday, we gave it til monday for me to start calling. same story dif day.. The package only had his wedding ring, military ribbons, military shoes & some other items. Most can be replaced but his wedding ring cant be..

ah & our anniv is only 4 days away. Im am 100% possitive that some lowlife employee saw gold ring (itemized) & ran to the closed "we buy gold' store.


I misread, just saw you never received it. The shipper may not have sent out your package by the told date, could be eithers fault. Either way, you should be entitled to a refund


As Rick said UPS does not pick up on Saturdays. There should be information showing it has been shipped by sometime Monday.

This should not affect your scheduled delivery date.

The only way it you should have problems is if the shipper fails to ship your package, in which case it will still show no tracking activity. When UPS physically scans your package it will then update on the UPS website, you can track it there (not sure about the Emails).


All delivery dates on UPS Ground services are only estimates and are not in any way guaranteed until after the 10th business day. You signed two forms (an address verification slip and a PSO) which both state that you agree with the terms of service. They in no way are obligated to give you a refund and most likely wont. Email updates are an available service (for an extra cost of course). Tracking numbers are not guaranteed to display any information until midnight of the next shipping date.(Monday through Friday for UPS Ground and 3 Day services, Monday through Saturday for UPS Next Day and Second Day Services and all International Services. If you need something somewhere by a certain time then use the appropriate service. If you do go in and ask for a refund though do expect them to be total jerks about it. If you are very lucky they will file a late package claim for you which will then go to the corporate UPS offices to be thrown away because the package was actually not late. Be a smart consumer, read what your signing, and ask questions.


UPS Employee for 3 years


I am now a smart consumer, JD. never wil spend a dime supporting UPS, the shameful company you work for.

Have found a shipper that actually does not hide behind excuses and small, detailed disclaimers that are only there to cover the company in virtually any circumstance. :-)


no private carrier ships on saturdays or sundays. go get a refund for it being late they will give it to you. next time u use the post office and it takes a week and a half go ask them for a refund and see what they say lol they'll laugh in your face.

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