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I ordered a product from a company and was suppose to recieve it in about 5 business days,it never came,so i called the company to find out what had happend they gave me the trcking#,i then called UPS and they claimed that the package had already been delivered to my address.It was not because i was here all day.I called the company ,they were very nice and sent me a replacement said it would be deliverd express. It never came. ups again says they delivered my package I called the company again and confirmed my address with them and it was correct, again they were nice and sent another replacement ,if it does not make it to my address this time i will complain to the BBB or yet the police!!!

Monetary Loss: $60.

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i ordered arthritis gloves that i desperately needed for work earlier in the week from they are good about sending products right away. i also ordered two other small items to get free shipping.

ups left me two notices that they had attempted delivery on this package, but i did not find them right away because they did not leave them on or near my mailbox like they used to, but by my front door, one on the floor. (i use my back door most of the time.) i check my mail daily.

when i called customer service, he said the post office does not like them “messing with mail boxes.” (messing with mail boxes?????)

so i called customer service, which had a recorded series, none of which addressed my concern, and it did not tell you what to punch to get a person, or what to do if your package was not delivered. so i had to guess that you have to press zero a couple of times. when i finally got someone, he said “just sign and print your name on the back of notice and tell driver where to leave package and put both notices, back where he left them.” i did this, and the driver still did not leave the package, and since it was the 3rd attempt, he checked off “pick up.”

i called the ups customer service, and stayed on the phone for 20 minutes waiting for her to resolve the issue. then she gave me info that my local ups would be calling me before 7:06 that evening. (like i am supposed to sit around waiting for them to call.)

they called right away and i talked to the “supervisor” who said they “don’t leave packages in apartment buildings and that my package contained drugs and they don’t leave them either. my package had makeup and arthritis gloves in it. i had to drive out to another city to pick up my package.!!!!!!!! unbelievable!!! this was a weeknight, it took half the night to take care of this problem!!!

the other supervisor there, who did not tell me she was the supervisor right away, (they have two supervisors – one in dispatch, this one is in shipping), said “oh, that is one of the areas where we don’t deliver to apartment buildings, anymore, because there has been some theft in certain areas.” i asked her if i was living in a ghetto? i told her i gave them permission to deliver it when i signed the notice. i told her this package was from which ups delivers for all the time, and that it had makeup and gloves in it. she kind of laughed.

also, i asked her how i am supposed to know this stuff when no one told me? she said they should get this information put on line so people know their packages will not be delivered- some way to let people know. i suggested maybe driver should write on the notices what is going on or at least customer service should tell you that when you call!

the supervisor gave me a number to call to find out if stuff can be left with a signature or if i would have to fax my signature in. (oh, now i have a fax machine?) i tried to call that number at home that evening and there was no answer.

i am really not interested in using ups for home delivery anymore. i talked to several people who were upset with them while i was at ups, including a couple of drivers leaving notices on doors where people were at home, and they did not bother to knock. that has happened to me before.

when i sign the notice, i am giving permission to deliver something. i have enough sense to know what is safe. that package was only worth $25. i am accepting full responsibility for it, ups would not be liable, it says that on the notice.

i think this new policy is extreme overkill. theft happens in all neighborhoods. a lot of people live in apartment buildings these days. why should they be inconvenienced?

ups does not think about their customers. they don’t think twice about the customer being inconvienced. they are supposed to be a “service”, but don’t act like one.

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