Jacksonville, Arkansas

I placed several orders with AMAZON during the last several months all using Amazon Prime 2 Day free shipping. One order according to UPS was left at my home with "the lady" funny part is my wife and I were were both at work when the left it with the lady. Checked the neighbors and no one got it.

Week before Christmas I ordered a DVD and it was to be delievered Friday. I didn't get till Monday according to UPS delay was due to weather, UPS tracking showed item was at the UPS warehouse 20 minutes away Thursday and we had nice weather (70 degrees) on Friday.

Christmas Day I ordered a DVD the next Day I orded another DVD and a TV wall mount. All three orders were Prime 2 day shipping and all were shipped at the same time. UPS claimed they delivered the two orders that were placed the day after Christmas but couldn't deliever the order I placed Christmas till Wednesday the 2nd of Jan. Onjce again I checked and there was no delievery to me and I was home Friday!!!

Funny thing is an order I placed Thursday with Amazon was just delievered (Monday) but they still have not delievered the DVD I ordered on Christmas day. UPS website still shows the item to be at their place and they can't deliever it till Wednesday because of adverse weather. UPS IS A BUNCH OF LIES!!!

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All I can say is Amen. So sick of lies from these people


Here is what you do -- Call 800-pick-ups and file a complaint and tell them you want a call back from the supervisor at the distribution center. When they call - and they always do file a MASSIVE complaint. This is usually good enough to straighten out a problem with your driver.