Idaho Falls, Idaho
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I have an important certified mail being shipped today. This will provide my children with Christmas because we are having difficult times.

The schedule was for today 12-21-12. Apparently there is a delay because of adverse weather conditions in Louisville Ky. Of course I checked the weather report and this is completely false. Now my mail which was supposed to be overnight air will not arrive until the next business day, which is Christmas Eve.

They would not even work with us to see if we could change the delivery to Saturday. Now my children will go without and there is nothing we can do. The customer service would not help. Check your weather report on the area that they are claiming.

It is a Hoax and they screwing people who are dumb enough to use them. Thanks a lot UPS I will never use you again.

UPS could have been honest and informed us that they are back up and may not be able to make the delivery overnight Instead they take your money and expect you to suffer the consequences. UPS are LIARS.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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12 people died in that storm. So get a catalogue and cut some photos

Out of what you will give your kids when the check comes.

Put those in a Christmas stocking with some candy and be

THANKFUL that u have children alive to celebrate with.


So now my package is sitting in Pocatello Idaho, in a truck. I was assurred that the trucks would be unloaded and accomodations would be made for pickup today.

Now they are not going to unload any trucks today. The supervisor over the Pocatello freight office even told us that he owns everything on those trucks. So Tom, let me tell you, you do not own my retirement check that I pulled from my 401K that I have worked for. Also, while you talked to me on the phone you would take time from your day to assist.

I called Fed ex supervisor's who told me they would have done anything to help and you are just lazy. So, I will never use UPS for all the run arounds and placating nor will I ever advise anyone to do so.


UPS doesn't ship certified mail, you must be thinking of the Post Office, they DO send certified mail !


There was bad wind last night all along the east coast which is adverse weather. Just because its not happening right now doesn't mean it didn't affect their system