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Purchased a computer from Microsoft store, a tablet that I really wanted, and it was shipped by them 3-7 business days. I waited all day on the third day, which was a Friday. I live in an apartment complex so I even checked the front entrance for any note in case I missed the UPS guy who was suppose to deliver. Yes, I was really excited in receiving my new computer! Noon passed... ok, there's still time. 3pm went to go check the front entrance. 4pm went again. 5pm still nothing, no note that I missed anything. 6pm still nothing. I gave up for the day. Went to go play some CoD Black Ops. At 9pm I went to the front entrance again to check. There it was! A UPS slip saying that at 4:30pm the UPS guy "tried" to drop off the package. Nope! I've been checking all day until 6pm and there was no note then! Argh! UPS... why you lie?

The slap in the face was when I called UPS on Saturday to see if I can arrange to pick it up that day (they are open in the mornings on Saturday) or on Monday so that this incident wouldn't happen again. They said I can't. I have to wait until TUESDAY to pick it up at the distribution center. Why? When I miss a package from the USPS, which I buy things online often, I can go to the local office and pick it up after work. But for UPS I have to wait an extra day!

Do they make a habit of lying to be "on time"? I am really pissed off. The slip could say 6pm that it was delivered and not 4:30pm and I wouldn't be this mad!

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