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Employees from this store gave me misleading information on the phone to get me in the store. I will actively avoid using UPS for any future shipping needs.I called the UPS store to ask how much they charge for shipping a set of golf clubs in a golf bag.

I gave them info about the dimensions, weight and destination, and they quoted a price for me. After spending an hour doing my own preparation to ship the golf clubs, I drove to the store to have them shipped.

When I arrived, the employee then told me that the real price for shipping the clubs was 3 times higher than the original quote! When I asked why the price had changed, they avoided the question and never gave me a reasonable answer...

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Kent, Washington, United States #646060

i'm betting your conversations went something like this...

"i want to ship some golf clubs in a bag"

"ok, where are they going, what size is your box and what is the weight?"

"oh, i don't know, probably 20#, and a regular size of a golf bag"

"so you'd say 20# and 36 inches high...42 inches high...like this?"

"oh yeah, like 36 inches"

"so 36" by 12? or what exactly?"

"well, just your regular golf bag size"

"ok so 48 by 14 by 12..."

"oh no, smaller"

"so how small?"

"oh...36 by 8"

"and the third dimension?"


"the third dimension. all packages have three dimensions...length, width and depth. so 36 by 8 by...8? 12? 14?"

"oh yeah 8"

"ok so 36 by 8 by 8...going to what zip code?"

"i'm not sure. i tbhink its cleveland, something like that"

"ok, a 20# package sized 36 x 8 x8 going to a residence..."

"no it's a business"

"ok going to a business...in cleveland ohio, zip code 44130, would be $34.66"

three days later...

"i'm here to ship my golf clubs"

"ok, let's see what you have there. well looks like the cost will be $83.48"

"wtf! you told me $34 bucks. liars!"

"really? do you remember the particulars of what you were quoted qand the size of the package etc?"

"no, i remember it was 34 bucks though"

"well, your package is 33#, the size is 48 x 14 x 12 and it's going to cleveland georgia zip code 30528 and you've said it's worth $300. with those parameters, the cost is $83 and some change."

"well that's not what you told me on the phone"

"and do you remember who you spoke with"

"no, but it should only be $34! why did you change the price? you lied just to get me into the store...can you tell me why the price is different?"

"no. because i have no idea what you said when you called. but as the package sits today, the cost is $83"

"i'm going to write a review on the internet...you jurks!"

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