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I called in a return for an Apple product, I was told to pick a pick date and time that was good for me, she listed all options all which included morning pick ups. I explained I worked and it had to be before 3pm, and that I needed a receipt. I was told it wasn't a problem 9-3 was in the system for the following day and all was well.

The day of pick up a female dispatcher called me mid afternoon to inform me that UPS would only be in my area between 2pm and 4pm on any given day and that I either I drop it off at a UPS store or I had to have a pick up ONLY during that time frame. I asked if something is delivered to my home in the am why in earth could it not be picked up, and she actually told me that it didn't work that way, they weren't allowed to pick up from the same place they delivered!??! How asinine and unproductive!!

Feeling utterly trapped as Apple required it to be shipped within the four days and I have no car and a child to pick up after school each day my only option was to take time off work and wait for them between 2-4 the following day. My boss wanted me in at 530, with transit 430 was the latest I could leave.

At 3pm I phoned and was informed that someone would be there by 6! I clearly for quite upset, explained the pick up was put off from the day before, explained that I was told a very specific time frame of 2-4 and now they were giving me yet another song and dance. He "wrote down in the notes" that 4pm pick up was needed, and then hung up.

At 430 the truck still had not arrived. I called and asked to speak to a supervisor. She came on and proceeded to tell me that UPS doesn't do morning residential pick ups nor do they provide receipts, furthermore she could not tell me where the truck was and would not assist me any further and that it was put in for 9-6pm today. You could imagine my outrage. While I didn't raise my voice, I began to question her operations standards, peppering her with simple and logical questions such as "why do you offer am pickup when we call?" and "why do you allow your dispatchers to lie to clients and not input in the correct information? Well I guess common sense was too much for her brain because instead of answering this UPS supervisor hung up on me. That alone tells you what kind of management is in charge at that company. The fact that deceit is at the core of their businesses practice should be enough to put them into the ground, but the fact that they "don't allow drivers to pick up when dropping off" should allow the demise of UPS sooner rather than later.

I will never buy Apple nor ship UPS ever again. Since I didn't not get a receipt nor was made to sign anything, I made sure I made a video showing the UPS driver, who was not surprisingly extremely rude picking up my package, which probably has a higher chance of being "lost" than actually making it back to Apple.

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Chantilly, Virginia, United States #780476

Almost lost my job - funny! If you thought shipping something was more important than going to work, it's all on you.

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