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I bought a new vaccum cleaner online which was shipped via UPS. After waiting for a week, I checked the UPS website, which indicated that they delievered the package. I was home all day and the UPS guy never came.

When I complained with the online store, a week later the UPS guy came asking about the condition of the package. He told me that he left it at the door and left (without any signature).

So I filed a complaint with my credit card company. They started an investigation and followed up with UPS. Now UPS somehow cameup with a fake signature that the delievered the package. If there was a signature, why did the delivery guy say he left it at the door? Now my credit card company is claiming UPS has my signature and wont reimburse me the money.

Now I paid $174 for a merchendise which I dont have. UPS stole it.

Monetary Loss: $174.

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