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UPS sucks! this is the thrid time they failed to deliver my package and yet I'm being charged premium for 3 days international delivery.

Called their customer service twice and both I was promised delivery but nothing! I was made to stay at home from 9am to 10 pm for nothing. Tomorrow when I get the package I will not pay for the custom charges and till I get an explaination from their manager!

Never again will I use UPS and I've never come across a company where even their customer service personnel lie. What a joke for this company!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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YOU ARE NOT ALONE! May not be any consolation to you, but they lost our regional payroll envelope today.I made eight calls and still no explanation of how they screwed up.

My envelope was one of several that were shipped from Canada on Thursday. It either goes standard mail(5 days) or UPS overnite) I checked status at 8a.m Friday. It showed out for delivery. Then I called to see why it was not there.

It never left Louiville KY. Record showed it got there. Just could not get it airborne. Too long a story, still no answers.

I have to pay my employer the $50 PREMIUM RATE to get the package overnited. *** Poor Customer Service at High Prices. To add insult to injury UPS is making our entire group wait until Monday. When I asked them to get the package to me via Saturday Service, I was told they cannot locate the package and change the label.

I wish my employer would ship Federal Express. I do absolutely and positively need my paycheck.


Rick, stop being a UPS suck up! They might not control other government's customs agencies, but they do have access to each country's requirements.

They have the ability to know if there is going to be hang ups. They have terrible customer service and do not give a flip about the consumer.


UPS doesn't control a government's customs agency. if there are fees associated with this package, it sounds like it got held up.