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On Wensday 22 Nov 2017, I get home at 4pm, to my tiny apartment. I am home and within 8 feet of my door until 12 noon the next day (Thanksgiving day), when I leave to take out some trash.

I find this UPS notice on my door. It claims I was not home, - I was. it claims they left it at the apartment complex office - they could NOT do that as they were closed. The notice is dated 23rd November, Thanksgiving day.

So I contact UPS. Give them the reference number on the ticket and they say its not even scanned into their system. Upon further discussion with them, and after giving them my full name, address, and such they come up with the lame excuse that the guy put the wrong day on the form. Which means they have had it for at least 12 hours and its still not scanned into their system.

Now, Our office is closed until Monday due to the holidays. If this package is what I think it is, they just ruined 800 dollars worth of Insulin, as it has remained un-refrigerated for 5 days. IF it is at the office, It means I payed those idiots at UPS to NOT DO THEIR JOB again. I pay them to deliver a package to ME, at my address.

Not the post office, not the Apartment office, not some other address, but mine, the one on the package. I am NOT going to go out of my way to pick up something that was not delivered. If i wanted to do that, I could have driven down and picked up the stuff myself. This is why i paid For SHIPPING AND HANDLING.

This is the 2nd time they have just dropped a note on my door without even knocking..

Last time I watched the *** do it.. and I raised heck then..This time im going to try to get the *** fired.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Home Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Idiot driver didn't even knock on door..

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

UPS Cons: Driver who is to lazy to deliver package.

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"Not the post office, not the Apartment office,"

Often times depending on the size of the complex and the time of the year they will drop it off at the front office.

When you know you have something coming set up alerts to tell you what's going on.

Check the exceptions tab just in case something goes wrong and something to tell you when it was delivered.

Better yet, have it held at their office so you can go over and get it.

You can rail on about what you paid for or didn't pay for but if your @#$# is important to you, you'll do what it takes to get it.

Sorry if that offends your customer is God thing but there are times we have to do what we have to do as adults.