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I am waiting for a UPS delivery. Tracked on the website that it was going to be delivered on 20th Feb.

Having had bad experience with UPS before, i called around noon to make sure that it was going to be delivered. I was assured that delivery was going to happen before 5pm. Called another 2 times, i was assured another 2 times. By 6PM, i was told that the parcel was with driver, but can't be delivered any more.

I was given no reason why, but was assured that delivery would happen next day. Today again, no delivery happened, i called at 4pm to make sure somebody was coming to drop off the package to me. Surprisingly i was told that UPS doesnt have the package at all. I questioned them why on their tracking website, it shows delivery by end of 20th Feb and i was told three times yesterday that the package was in the truck with driver out for delivery.

Then somehow all the tracking information on the website changed to NO INFORMATION available for delivery or where the package is. How can they manipulate information like this? Now UPS can't even tell me when they are going to deliver. I am really annoyed.

Is there any regulation about this at all?

Do they just do whatever they wish? How about customer satisfaction?

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $450.

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UPS has just stopped caring. They have become just another loser delivery service

post a notice for you to go pick up at holding location , waste your time

as you drive there to find out it is not there .

do any one have an email to complain ?

I will send notice to all my shippers that my address will not receive UPS shipment.

starting a web site soon what a bunch of losers


Yeah it looks like UPS has just stopped caring. They have become just another loser delivery service like FEDEX.

They don't bother to make the delivery and just lie about the attempt. They just screwed me again on a delivery, and this is the last *** time.

I will no longer purchase any product that is shipped by FEDEX or UPS. I would rather do with out than support these jerks.


After 3 attempts to deliver they said I have to go pick up.

Here is the facts.

I live and work on site, am here 24/7. No one showed. Have more then 4 witnesses, When they caled to address my online complaint I admittedly said I would volunteer to go and use a bat to ring their bells.

Next thing I know cops are at my door... no service yet immediate response on my waking call.

So all I can say is I will never, ever use UPS again, If a company uses them only, I will decline buying from them EVER again.


The following chat log is from a live chat I had with a UPS representative on their website. Sorry, but date and time codes have not been recorded. Addresses have been censored and names have been altered to protect identity.

Initial Question: How long does it take to UPS to process a change of address order on a package? Eleazer H.: Hi, this is Eleazer H.. I'll be happy to assist you.

Eleazer H.: Just a moment while I look into that for you.

Edwin: Hi, my name is Edwin and I inquiring about a package I am attempting to send to another address

Eleazer H.: Hi, are you the shipper or receiver?

Edwin: I already had the delivery changed to another address, but I keep receiving emails with the original address, which UPS cannot even deliver

Edwin: I am the shipper

Eleazer H.: Thank you, just a moment while I review your tracking information.

Edwin: thank you

Eleazer H.: Just to make sure, the new address is  ***************************************  

Edwin: yes

Edwin: has anybody even been on route to deliver this package?

Eleazer H.: Unfortunately the address change has not been completed yet, I need to forward your information to the local package center for resolution. Please provide me with the following information:

* Your last name

* The best telephone number to reach you

* Your account number (if you have one)

Edwin: Last Name: ****  Phone Number: (***) ***-**** and I don't have an account number

Edwin: When is my package expected to actually be delivered to that address? I feel like I've been waiting forever for it to sent

Eleazer H.: I'm sorry that your package has not been delivered yet, I will send your information to resolve this. I someone will contact you to follow up on this.

Eleazer H.: It will take me just a few minutes to put this through.  I will be right with you.

Eleazer H.: Just may I have the receiver's phone number, please?

Edwin: *** *** ****

Eleazer H.: Thanks, just a moment please.

Eleazer H.: I have forwarded your information to the appropriate package center for further assistance. You can expect a call today within an hour.  Do you have any other questions?

Edwin: yeah, how did UPS not get the original address I had the package be delivered to?

Edwin: I sent other things through other services with that address, and they all made it there

Eleazer H.: Apparently the original address was not found when driver attempted the delivery, the original address was **************************************, is that the correct address?

Edwin: and this was in Canada, in the ******* province ?

Edwin: all the other services I've used to send gifts were able to find that address

Eleazer H.: I'm truly sorry about this, I already sent the message to complete the address change, do you prefer the delivery at the original address?

Edwin: no, the new address is fine. But why hasn't it already got there yet?

Edwin: how long does the process take to change the address and have it delivered?

Eleazer H.: My systems displays your request, unfortunately has not been completed yet, at this moment I sent the message to the local center to inform that the change has not been completed yet, and they will contact you within one hour to follow up.

Edwin: so it takes a couple of days to process it?

Eleazer H.: I don't have the information, the person who will contact you is going to confirm the delivery information.

Edwin ok, so it is expected to be delivered sometime next week?

Eleazer H.: We will try to deliver your package as soon as possible, I sincerely apologize that I don't have that information available, I will ask you to please wait for the contact that you will receive, and the person who will speak with you is going to confirm the delivery information.

Edwin: thank you, I appreciate your time

Eleazer H.: You're welcome. Have a good weekend.

You have disconnected.


:( I really hate UPS!! I was supposed to have a package of chocolates delivered to my girlfriend in Canada on Feb.

14 for Valentine's Day and I was told that the destination address was "incorrect" when other gifts I had sent her to that address through different services were successfully received.

They can't even process a simple change of address order fast enough. UPS is run my retarded monkeys who don't even have higher than a 10th grade education.