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My brother & I had ordered our parents a new 32" TV for Christmas and my brother ordered a 24" TV for himself. We got them from Newegg on Cyber Monday.

When UPS brought the shipment on December 3rd & nobody was home they just left them sitting on the front porch of the house instead of leaving the usual note on the door and coming back the next day. Surprisingly the TVs were gone by the time someone got home. So now instead of enjoying the new TVs we have to spend our time talking to the rude UPS customer sevice trying to get a claim filed from Newegg in order to get the TVs we ordered.

Today my mom also found out that a shipment of Chistmas gifts she was expecting from KOHLS had been delivered by UPS the same day as the TVs and was also stolen. I guess the driver was just to lazy to take all the packages back to the truck since nobody was home.

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If you bought your tv at a store you would be watching right now..


What i do is just reported to my credit card ,its easier ,ups Customer service sucks


Whoever my UPS driver is has gotten so lazy that he/she just leaves my packages in plain view. The previous driver at least left them under a bush somewhere. It's just good someone is always at home in my case.


i worked for ups 10 yrs. everything should go thru shipper-they must have agreed to have driver release pkgs w/o sig, however, they should have been left in safe place, not visible from street.

all shipper has to do is put on pkg "signature only", and it cant be left. howver, can be signed for by neighbor, does not have to be you.

ups delivers by ADDRESS not name. hope this helps-remember, go thru shipper.


The right process to go through is to contact the shipper, not UPS. UPS did not contract the delivery with you, NewEgg did. Call them and tell them you never received your package(s). They will put a tracer out on the package(s). A UPS driver will be out with a form for you to sign saying you did not receive the package(s). NewEgg should send replacements for you at now cost and work with UPS on the claim. This should be all transparent to you once you have signed of on the Driver Follow Up form.

The driver should have left your package in a secure place. It can be on your front porch if there is enough concealment from the road by a shrubs or something like that. The driver would only take it back if the package needed a signature, which you relacement packages probably will come that way, or if there was no safe place to put them. As the response above said, UPS would have a hard time delivering anything if they could not driver release the package on the porch in a safe location.

Hope this helps.


It's insured, and UPS is responsible if something gets taken off of a porch. And filing a claim takes about 5 minutes, though NewEgg may make it more difficult.

If UPS never left anything on the porch, about 75% of home deliveries would never get delivered.