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UPS has got to be the worst shipping company in the world. I can not believe this. I have a small fenced back patio and that is where my dogs stay when I'm not home. I never ever use the back patio door and only go out there every couple of days to clean up and throw out trash, etc. Yesterday they left several packages (Expensive brand new textbooks) on my back patio, in the middle of where my dogs have been going to the bathroom.

First of all that in its self is bad enough, and shouldn't be tolerated.

Second, they don't care if it's raining or snowing, they will leave them there in bad weather, so that when I get the packages they are SOAKED through, and the contents are destroyed.

Third, what gives them the right to enter my private patio when I have dogs back there! What happens when one of them opens the gate and lets the dogs out?

Anyways, while those are all big deals, but that's not the least of it. The thing that makes me so ticked is that yesterday when they left them out there I didn't see them until this morning and they are ruined. The cover is COMPLETELY ripped off of one of the books. I know that my dogs are the ones to blame, and really it is my for not training them to leave them alone, but they are still just puppies. Less than a year old, and I can't really blame them for that.

This is the second time my property has been destroyed before I had it in my hands, as right before christmas they left packages outside in the pouring rain, and things were damaged.

I don't know where to start but I am so mad at UPS right now, and I will be taking action against them. If anyone has any advice, please let me know. Thank you.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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UPS offers text tracking as well that tells you where and at what time the package was delivered. The information is sent directly to your cell phone.

You're going to tell me that's too much trouble?

The drivers most often place packages where they're less likely to be stolen--you're welcome. Please, join us in polite society where people actually work for a living.


I do not believe that text tracking was available when I posted this complaint - it was about 3 years ago. So I don't believe that was an option, and if it had been then maybe we wouldn't have had this problem.

I would rather have my packages placed on my covered porch than on an uncovered porch in the rain, or letting one of my dogs out. I don't really know what you are implying when you say that I should join you where people work for a living.

I have been a hard worker ever since I was old enough to get a job. Sorry you don't agree that UPS should place my packages where they would not be ruined.


Ups is the worst. 99 percent of my packages are delivered to the covered front porch.

Yesterday ups walked up the side of our house and tossed the package into our backyard where our dog was. We received the notification and by the time we got to the package it was destroyed as well as the contents. I installed a home security system so I have it all on video. Proof that these guys are *** Walked past the front door and actually at the time we were in the livingroom playing with our child who is 1.

We didn't see the ups guy but he surely saw us. On top of that he Didn't even deliver it to the backdoor, just tossed into backyard where the dog was. Within a minute or 2 the dog took the package and destroyed everything.

I have proof these guys are the worst. Like I said 99 percent of the time the packages are delivered to the front door that is covered.


I have a screened in porch in the back of my house literally about 10 farther steps then my front porch witch is uncovered. And I have left a note taped to the door saying please put packages on back porch and they still leave it on the front where dogs have chewed up numerous things and also been trained on .

I call it lazy .

Seriously take some pride in your work . As I said before 10 whole steps


I had the same thing happen with Fedex and I just called in and filed a claim. They are supposed to leave them out of harms way, including theives, dogs, weather, etc.


Thanks for the comment, and I'm glad that Fed Ex was able to get it worked out for you! I never was able to resolve this whole mess with UPS.

Even though I filed with the BBB, spent a ton of time on the phone with them, etc. Apparently they were convinced that I was supposed to handle it directly with the shipper, or with the website that the orders were placed.

In every case (at least 3 instances where my packages were ruined by dogs or rain), I didn't receive any replacement or compensation for my losses. At least I have learned from the experience and while my dogs are 4 years old now and wouldn't chew things up anymore, I have just learned to avoid UPS so that I don't have to worry about these things happening.


Rick, I would rather have my things stolen off of my porch, at least I could file a claim about it. It's kind of hard to track all my packages every day when I'm a full time student taking 18 credits and have two jobs.

I am gone most of the day every day. And I most definitely did not let the dogs out after they had been delivered, because I have a dog door for them and if anyone comes to the back patio they are out there to check it out. If you have ever had a puppy you would know what I mean. :roll You can say that it was my fault I didn't have the dogs trained enough not to open the package, but it's hard for them not to chew on new interesting smelling things put in their space by a total stranger.

I can't believe they would open a gate to go in while there are loose dogs. Shouldn't they be worried about the consequences if they let the dogs out and the run away?


UPS Just opened my 20ft gate and let my breeder KBD female out.But her pup didn't get out.My neighbor told me while I was walking my male on the sidwwalk.The female came walking up ,Thank God....What a asshole.....


they try to leave packages in places that would be difficult to see for passers-by with sticky fingers. i find it hard believe that the driver basically handed the packages over to two untrained, barking dogs and went on his way.

you probably let them out after he delivered them. track your packages next time and you'll know when they've been delivered


I too have had UPS lay my packages within a few feet of my puppy which chewed it up! After filing a complaint the UPS driver came back and apologized and admitted to his dereliction of duties. I was pleased that he came 15 miles to apologize but I not able to save my package and I never got a refund.