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I ordered an item on-line, and it was inadvertatnly sent to my old address. The UPS driver just left the item at the door, and drove off.

Trouble is; no lives at this home any longer, it is empty. They just dropped the box and walked away, didn't ring the bell or anything. Worst part is, I told the UPS driver I was moving before I left. I called and asked if the helpdesk it they could have someone pick it up and re-send it, or return it to the shipper.

The person on the phone obviously had no idea what was going on, but her supervisor didn't seem to care at all, refused any help. I'll be contatcting the CEO of UPS - I'll post his address here for eveyone else to use, once I find it.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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Actually this has happened many times. We are only required to put it out of sight and weather.

I have gone back a few times to get packages and we do return them to shipper for correct delivery. We try to do our best. I do 200 stops on any given day in every type of weather and try to be observant about the area. I have been doing this 28 yrs.

We are human and many of us work long hours and get treated like *** by management.

We are only doing our jobs. Things go wrong but we do try to remedy them.


Drivers are not responsible for inspecting premises to determine if some *** has ordered an item and shipped it to a vacant home.How do you no if a driver rang the bell if no one lives there, are you a no one?

The only one to blame is YOU.

YOU had the item shipped to an address where no one lived, that is not UPS' fault.

Thus they are not responsible for paying to go pick up YOUR mistake. If you WOULD like to pay, go to a UPS service center or UPS STore and have a call tag issued at YOUR expense and UPS, I'm sure, will be glad to go back and fix YOUR error.

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