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We live in a remote area, although still accessable by any and all vehicles. Our driveway is 300 feet long and rather than drive all the way to the house, the lame driver dropped our package(s) over the fence into the pasture, about 50 feet down the driveway.

UPS's response, per usual was watered-down lip service and excuses a juvenile would have doubted.

The driver claimed he was concerned about our "bad dog" sign. Whoopty doo...the gate was open, the dogs are house brats. The kicker was his stating something to the effect of him not being permitted to come down the driveway. Several other UPS drivers and other delivery people have and no one else has had a problem.

The major irritation is the fact that he dropped the delivery over the fence into the pasture with the livestock.

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is there a ups delivery scam going on? why won't they ring the bell when they drop off the packages, and why do they drop them off when it is dark outside, and why do they leave the packages far from the door itself???

this is why packages get stolen and maybe they set it up to happen???? help theives !

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