Saint Louis, Missouri
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UPS left my package in the rain and damaged some very expensive camera equipment and tried or still is blaming it on me for "Improper Packaging". This had nothing to do with improper packaging.

They even admitted that it was all their fault but refuse to cover the insurance claim.

I have been disputing their improper packaging claim and sent a letter to their corporate office to let them know that I was going to take them to court. They called me today and said that I should just keep disputing the claim even though they admitted that it was their fault.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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Don't understand how your own *** dog chewing up your package is anybody's fault but your own...


:( ups dropped a package off at my moms house for me and left it in the yard..with the dog...all u have to do is look in the yard and see everything cheewwed why would u leave a package there? so i didnt accept the packed and they took it back...2ed time around *** *** left the package there again.....ripped to shredds :( :( :( :( :(


UPS left my package at a closed gate , dogs got it and destroyed it $175 gps system


I saw a similar claim made on glurb


marinadoerfer......seems like the driver tried to make service on your package. By placing it in a plastic bag to protect it from the weather and hanging it on the gate, I would think that would be a reasonable attempt safely deliver your package. You must live out in the country. As for you dogs chewing the package up, I am sure the driver did not forsee that or he/she would not have left it. To call them *** for that is a little much.

I had a driver deliver a box of beef jerky to my house once. The front porch was not safe to leave it it, so he when through my privacy gate and delivered it to my back door. Standard procedure for them. Unfortunately the dog next door had the ability to climb a six foot privacy fence. No way my driver knew my neighbors dog had such skill. Anyway, the dog tore open the box and ate all of my beef jerky and then escaped back over the fence. Me and my neighbor still laugh about it today. I told my driver and he apologized. No problem I told him.

Things happen. UPS will replace your hat if you ask them to. I didn't on my beef jerky, but my neighbor did offer to.


You both are idiots.


Ordered a hat for my husband. The UPS driver put it in a plastic bag and hung it on the gate.

Since it was destroyed by my dogs I think I can safely assume the driver hung it on the inside of the gate.

The gate is posted. They must hire ***


Or, maybe you are a moron...for not putting your dogs INSIDE. Anyone can check to see the estimated time and day a package will be arriving.

Typical, lazy, immature, irresponsible people trying to blame anyone but themselves. Probably just looking for FREE stuff...theives!