Paris, Tennessee
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I was expecting 4 packages delivered by UPS today. We stayed home all day waiting for them. Daylight came and went and no packages, so I checked my tracking numbers. To my surprise, they were all listed as "delivered." I checked all over the porch. Nothing. Inside the car? Nothing. No new tracks in the snow in the driveway. Definitely no packages.

So I called UPS. They said, "The driver left them in the 'UPS Box'."

WHAT? I don't have a UPS BOX!?

So I walk down to the end of the driveway to check the mailbox, thinking maybe he left a notice in there. And what do I find? My packages dumped in the snow at the end of the driveway!

Outrageous! I had hundreds of dollars worth of cosmetics and electronics in those packages!

So I called UPS again. "Javier" tells me that the driver said he delivered it, so maybe someone else came and got the packages and put them at the end of the driveway!


"So what you're saying is, the UPS driver managed to get all the way up my driveway without alerting the dogs or leaving tracks in the snow, and left the packages in the 'UPS Box' (which doesn't exist). And then someone else came all the way up my driveway, without alerting the dogs or leaving any tracks, and got the packages, and then took them and dumped them at the end of my driveway?"

You MUST be kidding me.

Dumb Dumb Dumb UPS. Your driver should call and apologize. This kind of behavior is unacceptable.

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If you stayed home all day waiting for the ups driver why didn't you clean your driveway so maby he could of drove up your driveway to deliver. So sick of the b.s.

complaints. The delivery people are human too.Do your job and make it safe for them to deliver.


Shut up anonymous. You are probably a lazy worker too.

The ups driver should have done his JOB and delivered the package properly instead of LYING about it. ***


Ahhhh.. The loser's lament. Another ridiculous Pissed Consumer loser version of "you must work for(insert company the loser's mad at)." This is typical of whiners who are upset that someone doesn't want to join their little circle jerk and validate your lame narrative.


Well, maybe you should shovel your *** driveway, then the driver will put it where it belongs.


maybe you should invest in a snow shovel and some salt and make it safe for a UPS driver to get to your property without sliding on the ice


Maybe you should invest in a calendar so that you aren't resurrecting zombie threads. Or maybe you should take a look at the photos and realize that shovels and salt don't work on gravel roads.

Or maybe you should read the comments below so that you aren't saying the same *** as others.

Either way, maybe you should eff off.


I'm very surprised the driver was delivering in that snow... He must not know it's easier to put it down as no access and return it to the depot... y do half a job, it's better not to bother doing any of it


Maybe you don't realize it is up to you to make your driveway passable. If the driver were to damage anything or slide off your unkept drive it would have been an accident charged to him Maybe instead of just waiting for him get off your *** and clear your drive.

Your package vs.

his livelihood? get fricken real....


Your intelligence level just fell to 0! They have a job to deliver...not sit in the middle of snow and anyone could still it. I am shocked at the level of ignorance!!


"I'm shocked at your level of Ignorance" says the dumb-*** that sat at home ALL day and made no attempts to clear his driveway.... Seriously, you should look into a vasectomy.


You are obviously a package delivery driver--as am I. It is terribly difficult to carry a 70-pound package up a driveway that hasn't been shoveled--or worse, one that has been trampled so much that the snow has turned to ice.

It is the homeowner's responsibility to keep the walkways free from peril. USPS does not deliver if you don't clear your driveway--perhaps you would prefer if we would refuse delivering if you don't provide a safe walkpath?


Yes, I would prefer if USPS would refuse delivery rather than leaving packages in a pasture in the snow.


You self-entitled pompous goof. In my opinion the UPS driver did you a favor actually leaving you the packages - heck, they even looked wrapped in plastic! You seem to have enough coin for electronics and cosmetics - why don't you spend some on keeping your long *** driveway plowed and widened when you're expecting deliveries to your front door.


You ever think maybe had you plowed your driveway the UPS driver could have gotten to your front porch, and you could've gotten your packages? Let's not forget that those giant ups trucks are rear wheel drive and the last thing this guy wants to do is get stuck in your unplowed driveway. Shop whining....


UPS, more times than not, leave our packages in a pasture with livestock.....horses and sheep that routinely open and destroy the boxes and on rare occasions get to the items ordered. They have our gate code and we have a safe location to leave packages much nearer our home.

I know it can be done, b/c the driver we had several years ago always left packages so that the animals did not moleste them at our home.

We live on a ranch. BTW, fedex never leaves packages in the pasture....always makes it to the house and the safe location!

It helps to be a "choice" member as a registered UPS user, now I get e-mails and a text when a package is delivered and generally it is close to the delivery time.


I had the EXACT thing happen with $500 and some odd dollars! I have 2 dogs and ALSO stayed home all day and no call, no knock!

My father in law called me and said what is all over your yard? I said huh? I look outside and my dogs have EVERYTHING tore up all over the yard!!!! Yep all gone!

They were inside when they must have came and just dropped them off on the porch, I had let them out to *** .Nobody took responsibility and I tried and tried day after day to get something done.

Nobody cared, I had to reimburse the people that had ordered!! I hope this doesn't happen to ANYBODY ELSE!


Why dont you take responsibilty. They always leave packages on my porch. Do you want them to help themselves into your house????


You must be a UPS Driver? Since you are clearly brain dead you fit right in...


So its the fault of UPS you have incorrigible dogs that tear apart anything left on your premises? If you have special delivery conditions its up to YOU to have a sign that the driver cant miss.

Not up to him to have ESP and know.

I have a porch. UPS delivers to it.

I dont have dogs and when I did he couldnt get on the porch so I always got my packages. So the problem isnt UPS.


Hello and hope you get those *** UPS bastards good, fellow consumer. I've been similarly victimized several times by grossly bumbling idiots who seem illiterate or just plain dense.

Earlier this year, the dufuses delivered a check worth thousands of dollars sent to settle my total loss auto accident claim to Melborne, Australia, despite my address in the southern U.S. clearly depicted on both tracking bills and UPS's barely navigable sorry excuse for a "business website." But thanks to several hundred bucks I lost as a deposit paid on another vehicle that was unable to consummate final sale due to these *** dummies' foolish mistake, maybe they can afford to hire some foreign "web designer" who barely comprehends a word of English to fix that BS. Just like that who sorry *** pathetic 'global conglomerate' needs to get its pitiful disorganized act together or get the *** outa dodge.

Like my ex was so fond of saying...


Bow-wow, barf, boo-hoo and burn in *** forever UPS