I saw UPS worker myself, not get out of the truck & throw it into a yard. It was box & looked to be kind of heavy, I saw it also come apart, he took off!

We would NOT ever use UPS, it is the top 10 of having complainst ahead of fed-Ex & Wal-Mart. Just use some other way After I saw that i told my husband & we will never use then . Please pass this on. Its a hassle to gt a refund, they never want to help.

Its a hassle to get what you ordered & sometimes it NOT replaceable @ all! We was reading about this Major General being on leave & how they did his lady as he called her. That was an aweful shame. A man fighting for our country & UPS does not even care!

We have also had problems!

So mine was replaced, took long time & my face creme was busted & all inside box, most of my order was ruined, since we saw the Maj General that fights for our country, we are all going to help this couple, he just called her his lady, how sweet. They did them bad, we just was reading that & decided to put out own exsperience on here!

Monetary Loss: $126.

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