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I have a gate at the entrance of my drive it is shut at night,but opens easily.My packages such as steaks,ham,computer checks are thrown under the gate and left by a busy through fare, which could easily be stolen.Delivery is usually after dark and I have no way of knowing when delivery is made.

Untill this last year all UPS deliveries were made to my door but suddenly the delivery man is to lazy to open a gate. I do not have a name of the delivery man It was UPS Ground out of Alamogordo

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Kholargos, Attica, Greece #227431

Give us your exact address and I will judge this complaint as genuine or fake junk

I have lived in Alamogordo for 55 years, so know your location.Just give the street you live on, I will then know your exact address.

Which busy street does the UPS leave the pachages on?

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