My lady was getting some sexy stuff for mothers day & my leave from service. She had problems with the order from sears, but it finally was to be delivered by the end of day May 7th, 2014.

She knew it was not going to be her regular delivery person when he was not here by,11:00A.M.She called & specifically told them do NOT leave @ gate as they have done before.(they never passed that on)She saw the UPS truck going back & forth & turning around in neighbors driveway. LOST AS A GOOSE,***& CANNOT READ! He headed back north & she got in her car & he was making a delivery maybe a mile away @ a business, so she come back & sit in her car for approx. 10 min.@ the gate!

He NEVER come back. She called UPS & they said it was delivered & left @ the gate. She said it was NOT at this gate. They now have left her to deal & get her refund with no help from UPS @ all.

If you want to order a pkg. NEVER use UPS! This is NOT right, the driver was John Armstrong & the supervisor was Todd McKee. She even spoke to another woman supervisor(JACKIE) that was going to take it upon herself & try to make another order,which @ this point is fraud.She just wants a refund,there was a hassle getting it shipped with the tracking # & then NEVER receiving it by the IDIOTS @ UPS.

WHY WOULD SHE WANT TO TURN AROUND & GO THROUGH THAT AGAIN>It would be> TOO LATE FOR MOTHERS DAY! I would like to have chat with THEESE CHUMPS & I STILL MAY! She was so stressed last night & does not deal with stress well, because, she had been on the phone for hrs holding,being transferred. NOT GETTING TO THE RIGHT PERSON< GETTING DISCONNECTED< A STORM WAS COMING!

UPS should have taken care of this.Use anyone,but UPS they are getting to be known for this type stuff & some things cannot be replaced. This was a MOTHER DAY present that's what makes it so bad! They are IDIOTS for the most! The little *** she talk to him on the phone said the letters on the mailbox was not big enough,well the US POSTAL sees them as well as Fed-Ex, DHL.ONLY trouble with not getting items is ONLY with UPS!


Monetary Loss: $70.

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Fort Bragg, California, United States #817258

Major General? Suuuurrrree you are.

No one serving in our armed forces would come to a website and act like a victim, crying and whining and carrying on like you have.

With that little lie out of the way, I think it's safe to say the rest of your story is also a fabrication as well.

Thanks for making that so easy to spot.

Buck up, little soldier.


to Captain Obvious Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #829278

You are SO rude. You really have no idea about ANYONE's situation AT ALL so stop being such a tool and Just mind you d4mn business

Dallas, Texas, United States #813639

Yes report them every where, Sir. You serve our country & she waits & worries about you & on Mothers DAY.

That makes me mad also. We have had problems with UPS as well. We can all get together & boycott them. That is a really bad thing for them not to try & help.

Especially a Mothers Day surprise & all! Thank you ,sir! as well!

NOONE needs to EVER use UPS, do something else! NO TO UPS

Dallas, Texas, United States #813637
Yes, Sulphur Springs is really bad about the UPS drivers, we try NOT to ever deal with them, so sorry to hear that :cry Its a shame @ mothers day! They should be the ones to help, turn them in to consumer affairs, their driving permits,BBB & a list you can find on line.

Turn them all in for this. I would be mad too! Sure messed up a nice mothers day weekend I am sure.

Do not stop stay on them. And NEVER LET UP!

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