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This review is for UPS delivery services in general. As I write this, I have lost a day of packing because the UPS driver, for some unknown reason, decided it was easier for him to simply leave a tag on the door, rather than ring the buzzer.

I have been here all day long. There is no way that I wouldn't hear that buzzer, if anyone ever bothered to press it. I live in a really small place. I've gotten many packages here without problems. Except for the one that really matters.

I contacted their service center and reported this. They were very understanding and had someone from another division contact me. It's nice that they seem to care, but the fact remains that I lost a day of packing and will not get that time back. That's just not okay. No effort whatsoever was made to rectify the situation. The correct thing to do would have been to have that package delivered tonight. In fact, if they really cared about the situation and understood why time is of the essence, they would have had that guy get his *** over here and do his job, on his own time. But I guess that is too much like right, as they say.

All I know is, if I did my job the way this guy did, I wouldn't have a job. Rest assured of that. But then, it wouldn't occur to me to be so blatantly lazy and lie about the fact that a customer was unavailable. I've known people that were fired for worse. Those guys make a good salary for that job. There are educated people working at Starbuck's for God's sake. You'd think they'd have enough respect for the fact that they could be unemployed and maybe that would motivate them to do their job.

I will not be using UPS services for any reason after this. And, for those of you who rely upon them delivering packages on time for your customers, I'd highly suggest that you monitor their services. I'm sure they get away with this *** all of the time. They just assume that everyone is not home. Shows you how *** they really are; many people work from home offices these days.

It is so pathetic that this guy had the audacity to fill out a *** slip rather than just push the buzzer. Once. That's all I ask. Thing is, it takes a shorter time to just press the *** buzzer. Oh, but that meant he would have to actually put the package inside - or, worse yet, hand it over to me on the 1st floor. Lazy *** Seriously, someone like that doesn't even deserve to have a job.


Well, guess what happened?! I got my package of boxes -- but despite putting a note on top of the slip that was left, the driver STILL did not bother to even let me know he was delivering it. The only reason I even know the package arrived, is that the vendor followed up and told me it was delivered. I told the vendor I was glad they called, because once again, I was not notified that the package was here.

The downstairs door was ajar, so he just waltzed right in and left the package so that anyone who wanted it could take it. Wonderful! I'm sure he just left it so that he would not have to help bring it up the one short flight of stairs.

I also learned that as I suspected, these guys are not required to walk up one short flight of stairs to deliver packages. Really? What about people in a house with a staircase? You just gonna leave a package at the foot of the street? Sure. No, this is just another way that tenants are disrespected. Rest assured that if I were in some million dollar home, that guy would have walked up the lousy short flight of stairs and at least left it on the porch.

But not for a tenant; we just don't deserve any respect. That has always amazed me, given that rent is the highest amount you spend each month. It ain't cheap and you get no tax rebate at all. Just money down the toilet. Landlords treat tenants like garbage, and if weren't for us, they would not be able to collect all that money that allows them to have what they do.

And even if the policy is that the lazy *** don't have to deliver it to your door,

leaving that package in the foyer without even notifying me that it was there, even after I wrote a note and SAID I WAS HOME is just unbelievable. What a passive aggressive little punk.

i'm told that there are fill in drivers on this route. Makes sense. Boy, good customer service is really hard to find these days. For sure.

I called to let UPS know just how fantastic their drivers are! Come to find out, this was even a different driver. Nice to know that they are consistent with their bad service.

Way to go, UPS! You just lost a customer, for life. And I'll be sure to spread the word on just how irresponsible your drivers are. Not that you care, BBB and social media, here I come.

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thank you, Thank YOU, THANK You Very very very much for not making UNITED PARCeL SERVICE deliver to your *** abode!!WE are not required to enter your apt. of horrors.. AGAIN THANK YOU!!!