I ordered my packages and it said it would ship today. I tracked my packages and saw that it was delivered to someone else.

Now I called UPS and told them the situation and eventually finding out that the lazy delivery guy left it with the superintendent of my building. Are you kidding me. I was waiting all day for these packages, matter of fact two weeks. I go down to the superintendent, he isnt there.

I go back and his wife says he has the package but to come back tomorrow. What the *CUSS*?!!!! All the driver had to do was ring the doorbell and have me come downstairs if he didnt want to come upstairs. They've truly pissed me the *CUSS* off.

Don't go with UPS if you live in brookyln, ny. LAZY DRIVERRRR

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I have been trying to get my package for THREE WEEKS. When it first was shiped, the driver mistakenly marked my package "no answer - third attempt" on the first try (I was home too, but they did not try to get a hold of us), and sent it back to the shipper.

(I learned about this after signing the door tag and calling them after finding the same tag the next day)... after returning the package back to california before bringing it back to new york, I am now THREE WEEKS LATER having to goto the UPS center in queens (i live in brooklyn) to pick up my package after the driver had made an attempt with "no answer" today (I was at home right by the door in the living room all day).

After mentioning to customer service that I do not have this problem with Fed-EX or the postal service, the customer service person said that maybe I should use Fed-Ex next time (REALLY!?!?!). Never had problems when I lived in the suburbs, but UPS in the city is THE WORST!!!!


I'm in Brooklyn too - expecting a 50 lbs package which is 6 days late. First there were "Emergency conditions" aka snow that kept it from being delivered.

OK -- the roads have been plowed for days and it has been warm. Just checked online and they say they attempted to deliver last night and I "refused" the package!!

I was here all day and night. It is now en route back to the shipper (no, they didn't do a second attempt - or, actually, a first) and it will be another week till it lands back in Wisconsin, and then gets reshipped here.

Our lazy UPS GROUND is located at 300 Maspeth Avenue in Brooklyn.

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