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Left a note on my door with tracking number asking UPS delivery guy to leave package at my door.I signed it.

He left note at bottom of my note "sorry, I can't lift it by myself, Steve." He somehow "managed" to deliver it to my apartment complex office. I am on 2nd floor. 80 lbs is heavy for a petite woman like me, but it shouldn't be for a delivery driver. When I talked w/UPS and asked what would have happened if I had been home, Deborah Mangham (commerce city office) said I could have helped him carry it in!

Interesting liability issue there, Deb. At first they said they would get it from the office and deliver to my door, but never did. When I called, Deb said they didn't want someone to steal it, and that my apartment building was classified "Level Four" so they couldn't leave stuff at doors. My apartment complex manager said she didn't know of any thefts at all.

I have had several things left at my door by UPS and FedEx - all documented. Totally absurd!

So, I'm just returning the package and asking for full refund from Amazon. UPS customer service sucks - talked to 8 people in all.

Totally useless and the local rep was downright rude.

There seems to be no unified policies that govern customer service and they don't seem particularly fond of their relationship.I'm going to work to get them out of my office building as a result of this mess!

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I am a UPS driver and I apologize for the driver.I am a female and have delivered 100 + box up two flights of stairs and I weigh 130 lbs.

It sounds to me like you had a lazy driver. Unfortunately, we do have some drivers that do not want to do their job. I also apologize for the Customer Service issue. I'm not sure what their problem is either.

I hope you get a different delivery driver next time.

It sounds like that one needs to find another job or go work for FedEx.Take care.

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